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We’ll translate your vision into an innovative and modern design. With years of experience, an eye for detail, and the drive to turn your dream home into a reality, we’ll execute your vision with special attention to your specific property requirements, schedule, and budget.

Situated in Berkeley’s tranquil Claremont Hills, this architectural masterpiece captures the essence of the Bay Area, with lush nature surrounding it and an unforgettable, postcard-worthy view of the San Francisco Bay from its three levels of sweeping balconies and large, sleek windows.

Norfolk, Berkeley

BUILT 2020

Frogs Leap Way, Orinda

BUILT 2019

Gaze upon the verdant hillside through glass walls that slide away, let the outside in.
A home that was built for the joy of entertaining as well as intimate seclusion, this modern residence incorporates technological innovation while reflecting its natural surroundings.

Bigleaf Rd, Orinda

BUILT 2017

A contemporary take on a Mediterranean villa, this impressive three-story home with two master suites feels sophisticated yet cozy with a spacious modern kitchen, handpicked hardwood floors, custom cabinets, a spiral staircase beneath a stunning 5-ft. circular skylight, and large welcoming balconies and a backyard with picturesque views of rolling hills.

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